Mon Vieil Ami - The Garden Patch Bistro, by Antoine Westermann
The Garden Patch Bistro

At Mon Vieil Ami, vegetables are on center stage!

In the heart of Ile Saint-Louis you will find banquette seating and a large guest table in a warm and cozy atmosphere with contemporary decor – the perfect setting for making new friends. Add simple recipes that truly glorify vegetables, and you have a bistro that is a true ode to friendship...

What’s the idea, chef?

I have a real desire to share my love of vegetables, and I want to give my guests all that the garden has to offer in variety and flavor – all in the relaxed atmosphere of a bistro.

This passion for vegetables comes from my family’s dinner table – no one could cook them better than my mother.

Previous to Mon Vieil Ami, I had wonderful opportunities to work with vegetables in « Le Buerehiesel », my three-star restaurant in Strasbourg, creating various recipes, such as: roasted monkfish with raw and cooked beets in honey vinegar, braised and caramelized endives with lime jus and scallops, oyster soup with leeks and potatoes, raw and cooked winter vegetables with truffle vinaigrette....

What style of cuisine, chef?

It is a cuisine that is completely inspired by seasonal vegetables.

Mon Vieil Ami expresses all that I love in home-style cooking: compotes, confits, cooked and raw, with an explosion of seasonings, and with flavors from the four corners of the world.

What is Mon Vieil Ami, chef ?


Mon Vieil Ami is a convivial way to host, as well as to dine. Up to 14 guests can dine together, sharing meals served in casserole dishes, feeling free to help themselves time and time again.

Mon Vieil Ami is the comfort and warmth of cooking that comes from the heart.

Mon Vieil Ami - The Garden Patch Bistro